Persons in Public Life

The Integrity in Public Office Act applies to a person who holds an office or position as:

  1. Adviser or assistant to the Prime Minister and other Ministers;
  2. Superintendent of Prisons
  3. Assistant Superintendent of Prisons;
  4. The Chairman, General Manager, or Managing Director of any company or authority owned or controlled by the State or of any Board, Commission, Committee or such other body appointed by the President or a Minister of Government;
  5. Chief Technical Officer – includes the Chief Physical Planner and any Director or head of department or deputy head of department however described in a Government Ministry or Department;
  6. Chief Fire Officer;
  7. Deputy Chief Fire officer;
  8. Gazetted Police Officer, namely Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Police;
  9. Member of the House of Assembly;
  10. Minister of Government;
  11. Parliamentary Commissioner;
  12. Parliamentary Secretary;
  13. Permanent Secretary;
  14. Speaker of the House of Assembly;

A person acting continuously for a period of not less than six months in the office of:

  1. Superintendent of Prisons;
  2. Assistant Superintendent of Prisons;
  3. Chief Technical Officer;
  4. Chief Fire officer;
  5. Deputy Chief Fire Officer;
  6. Gazetted Police Officer;
  7. Permanent Secretary