Regional Integrity Commission Heads Recognize the Need for an Umbrella Body

At a seminar on Good Governance held in St. Lucia earlier this month, Chairmen of the Integrity Commissions of St. Lucia, Trinidad and Dominica discussed the possibility of the establishment of a Caribbean Association of Integrity Commissions which would be supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat. The Association would be a forum for the development of best practice, networking and to consider the harmonization of integrity legislation.

In his presentation to the seminar, Mr. Julian Johnson, Chairman of the Dominica Commission, highlighted the vision, mission, mandate, programme and challenges facing the local body. Mr. Johnson told the gathering that the way forward for the Commissions lay in the appointment of adequately trained personnel, the strengthening of integrity and anti-corruption laws and continuous training for staff and Commissioners.

The seminar also discussed: "The Role of oversight Institutions in promoting good governance", "the Role of Professional Values, Ethics and Integrity" and "Accountability, Transparency and Integrity in Governance".

The Conference was facilitated by Dr. Roger Koranteng, Governance Advisor at Commonwealth Secretariat and held under the theme: "Understanding the roles and functions of public and private sectors in promoting good governance". The seminar was also facilitated by key public officials and attended by representatives of civil society of St. Lucia.