Alick Lazare

Alick Lazare has more than fifty years experience in public sector management in the Caribbean. He has held senior positions in the service of the Government of Dominica, including that of Financial Secretary and Fiscal Advisor, and has, since retirement in 1994, served as a consultant in public finance and management within the Caribbean.

He is a senior member of the civil service fraternity in the OECS with considerable experience concerning how economic management works in the region. As a consultant and advisor he has provided support to a number of regional and international institutions (including the Caribbean Development Bank, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, UNDP, CIDA and USAID) in various aspects of public sector reform and economic management.

A major part of his work in the region supported reforms in public sector financial management policies and legislation, with particular emphasis on transparency and accountability in the transacting of public sector business. His work in reforming public finance legislation has been widely recognized.

In November, 1981 He was awarded the Sisserou Award of Honour for meritorious public service to the Commonwealth of Dominica.